Is Online Therapy Better Than In Person? Exploring Online Counselling in BC

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Common Questions About Online Counselling

One of the most common questions I get asked in my online counselling BC practice is if online therapy is as effective as in-person counselling. The answer is a resounding yes. However, let us first define what is meant by “counselling/therapy” and “virtual/online.”

Online Counselling vs Online Psychotherapy

Historically, counselling was shorter-term talk therapy, whereas “therapy” or “psychotherapy” was a more in depth, longer-term process that focused on feelings and past experiences. I will use the terms “therapy” and “counselling” interchangeably because in this day and age for online therapy in Canada, there is usually no common distinction between counselling and psychotherapy.

Differences Between Online Counselling, Online Therapy, Virtual Therapy, and Teletherapy?

Virtual therapy, teletherapy, and online therapy are common terms regarding the format of how therapy is delivered. Most frequently, online counselling refers to video counselling. However, virtual and teletherapy can also mean telephone counselling and even text-message counselling.

Benefits and Effectiveness of Online Counselling

Online therapy using a video format is as effective as in-person therapy, and indeed, sometimes more effective. Video counselling allows for all of the same visual and auditory cues as in-person therapy. Online counselling is more convenient in terms of time and energy due to no travel time needed. Clients can attend therapy more consistently as a result. It is often more comfortable for clients to receive therapy from the comfort of their own home or work (with a private space).

The assumption that in-person counselling is more effective than online video counselling may be derived from the medical model. Physicians do need to have physical contact with patients. Counsellors/psychotherapists do not.

The active ingredients, whether it be for an online therapist or in-person counsellor, are the same and can be met with equal effectiveness. The mechanisms of change in psychotherapy are the therapeutic relationship, collaborative exploration, and the facilitation of new ways of thinking, feeling, and being through interventions communicated by the therapist. All of this can be done just as effectively in online therapy as in in-person counselling.

There is also a flow element in therapy in which emotional connection and resonance are established and shifts in emotion and insight occur. Emotional connection can be fostered no matter what the medium of communication is. However, the more senses involved, the easier that contact and connection can be made.

Video counselling and in-person counselling have all the same factors because it is the therapeutic relationship, exploration, emotion, insight, and trying out new ways of being that are the active ingredients in therapy, which can all be fostered regardless of physically being in the same room.

Invitation for a Free Consultation for Online Counselling

Online therapy provides a flexible, accessible, and effective option. Whether you’re seeking individual therapy, couples counselling, or any form of psychotherapeutic support in Vancouver or anywhere in BC, our online services provide an equally effective, transformative and more convenient alternative to in-person sessions.

Open your mind to the wonderfully convenient and effective mode of online psychotherapy and have a free consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced online therapists. At Wellspring Counselling Inc, we believe in the transformative power of online therapy. Our team of highly trained and experienced online therapists is dedicated to providing effective counselling that adapts to your lifestyle. Book your free 10-minute consultation today. Your well-being is our priority.

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