Counselling for Depression

Online Depression Counselling & Therapy in Vancouver and Across Canada

There are many factors in life that contribute to depression, such as biological, psychological, and social influences. If you have been feeling depressed you might have noticed a low mood, lack of motivation, and loss of interest or pleasure for a couple of weeks or longer. Other symptoms of depression are difficulty concentrating, poor sleep, weight gain or loss, avoiding social situations, and thoughts of suicide. Sometimes people experience depression just in the winter months too, which they need support for at this time.

These depressive symptoms, however, can often be significantly influenced for better or worse by how they are managed, such as avoiding thoughts and feelings, being highly self-critical, ignoring grief and painful memories, chronic stress or less-than-ideal lifestyle habits. The good news is that a skilled and compassionate counsellor or psychotherapist can help take away the mystery of depression and assist you with coping and managing shutdown and lethargic energies to ultimately help you to move toward a productive and meaningful way of life.