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Embracing Wu Wei: The Taoist Art of Effortless Action

Explore the transformative power of ‘Wu Wei,’ a principle from Taoist philosophy, in everyday life and counseling. Drawing from Alan Watts’ interpretations, this post delves into the concept of ‘effortless action’ and how it fosters a state of flow, enhances intuition, and reduces stress. Discover how embracing Wu Wei can guide you towards greater harmony, inner peace, and a more profound engagement with life.

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Personal Growth

Jungian Psychology for Self-Help

One way to work with archetypes is to identify the archetypes that resonate with you personally. This process involves exploring your dreams, reflecting on the stories and myths that have impacted you over the years, and paying attention to the recurring themes in your life.

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Yogic Breathing for Managing Anger

Pranayama, the practice of controlling one’s breath, can be a helpful tool for managing anger. There are several pranayama techniques that can help to reduce anger, frustration, and negative emotions, and promote relaxation and overall well-being.

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Building Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a fundamental component of emotional well-being and personal growth. It involves having a positive view of oneself, including one’s abilities, personality, and worth.

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How to Manage Anger? | Wellspring Counselling Inc.

How to Manage Anger?

Anger is essential for survival. It arouses motivation for action when our needs are jeopardised or thwarted.   It is how anger is expressed that determines

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Psychotherapy Approaches

Psychotherapy approaches can vary among therapists. Traditional therapy (talk therapy) tends to focus on just verbal and explicit memory systems, and leaves the experiential memory

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