Self Esteem Counselling & Therapy in Vancouver, and Online in Canada

Through the travails of life our sense of self-worth can be impacted negatively because of the tendency for many people to internalize the responses they receive from others. Everyone in early development has this tendency. So, what we are talking about here is the ‘pattern’ or ‘template’ as to the degree to which you internalize others’ responses. This is called a locus of evaluation. This just means the point from which you automatically evaluate yourself. The process of fostering a greater internal locus of evaluation of yourself is a foundational part of all psychotherapy.

The approach for accomplishing this is comprehensive, and involves the process of ‘individuation’ (i.e., differentiating your sense of self from another), which arguably, is the process of improving one’s self-esteem. The path to get there involves many areas of competencies that reveal how therapy is personal growth (and vice versa):