Canadian Certified Counsellor

Lorilee Keller, RCC

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Lorilee is a dedicated psychotherapist and counselor, committed to guiding both individuals and couples on their journey towards holistic wellness. She specializes in offering therapeutic interventions for a broad spectrum of issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, and life transitions.

For couples, Lorilee recognizes that relationship challenges manifest in diverse ways and could hinder the fulfillment of one’s life. She empowers couples with effective communication tools, conflict resolution strategies, and guidance in navigating difficult conversations.

A deep dive into past relationships and unresolved issues is often part of her approach, addressing potential obstacles in fostering healthy, thriving relationships.

Lorilee holds a profound respect for the inherent healing capabilities of the human mind and body, especially in the aftermath of trauma. She operates under the firm belief that within everyone lies the capacity to harness their ‘wise self’ – the innate aspect that craves healing and personal growth.

Through a distinctive blend of clinical counseling, somatic therapy, and energy healing, she assists clients in transforming deeply ingrained patterns, thereby fostering deeper connections, reducing reactivity, and cultivating the ability to relish the present moment.

Her keen interest in the mind-body connection equips her to help clients understand how past experiences and trauma can leave lasting imprints on their nervous systems and energetic bodies. She also explores the concept of intergenerational trauma – the idea that certain wounds may be inherited from previous generations.

Lorilee sees trauma as a potential underpinning for a range of behavioral patterns such as anxiety, depression, anger, numbness, need for control, perfectionism, self-criticism, difficulty in setting boundaries, and struggles in self-expression. She assists clients in navigating these patterns that might have been useful in the past but may now obstruct their path to a fulfilling life.

Moreover, Lorilee possesses specialized training in counseling and energy healing for reproductive mental health. She provides support for individuals dealing with infertility, pregnancy loss, birth trauma, postpartum anxiety and depression. She is also well-equipped to assist those grappling with disordered eating and body image concerns. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients attain a sense of inner harmony and live their best lives.