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Psychotherapy approaches can vary among therapists. Traditional therapy (talk therapy) tends to focus on just verbal and explicit memory systems, and leaves the experiential memory systems on the sidelines. However, talk therapy is also a part of the psychotherapy process because making what was implicit explicit brings previously dissociated memories into conscious awareness to enable processing, inhibition, and the organization of impulses, reflexes, and emotions.

Talk Therapy

Nevertheless, ‘talk therapy’ must also combine experiential methods in order to impact the other memory systems (i.e., somatic-sensory, motor, and emotional). These ‘experiential memory systems’ are the first to arise in development and form most of the information processing that occurs when we have experiences in life. These memory systems operate outside of conscious awareness, meaning that we don’t know where the memories originate, and these might be in the form of emotions, impulses, and physiological responses.

Memory and Information Processing

Humans have many memory and information processing systems (cognitive, emotional, behavioural, somatic, attachment, narrative, etc.). These need to be comprehensively addressed in therapy for optimal change. This then necessitates an integrative approach where all the systems and areas of functioning of a person are addressed. Our counselling approach attempts to address these systems in both the experiential (implicit) type of processing and the more verbal and conscious (explicit) type of processing so that integration of the two occurs. The main goal of psychotherapy is to bridge the gap between maladaptive implicit memories of experiences with more adaptive ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and relating in the present. This process is called ‘integration’.

Online Counselling

In online counselling appointments, you will also learn how to work with the natural tendencies of your brain, such as the generalizing tendency and the negativity bias so that you can even more clearly and effectively think, feel, behave, and relate better with others. I also show clients how to cope with and resolve psychological issues that originate from past experiences that have stuck with them in unconscious (implicit) memory.

If you are ready for the journey, no need to pack your bags, our job is to help you lighten the burden and clear your path to happiness, peace of mind, and well-being.

Well, until next time, keep up the excellent work and enjoy your journey as much as possible in life!

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