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Our grief counselling online sessions will assist discovering different reasons for grief and loss. When we first hear of these words we tend to think of loss of life of a loved one. So, let us start here at this important consideration. Loss of a loved one or family member can be one of the most devastating events that one can experience. Counselling and psychotherapy can help with learning how to honour their memory, continue to cherish them, and also focus on how to move forward in life in the present (while honouring and respecting their memory).

Sometimes a loss might not be of a loved one’s life, but may be loss of one’s own physical capability, mental health or capacity, social connections or status, or a career that is part of one’s identity. The loss of all of these is emotionally akin to losing a loved one because the loss is psychological in nature, meaning that part of yourself has been lost. This can have a debilitating effect on functioning and happiness.

During grief counselling online appointment we will be learning what one can do and experientially engaging in and testing out new ways of being and coping can help to create a new normal, as well as building on existing strengths. This is the strategy employed that may be helpful in assisting you to achieve at least a greater sense of normalcy, and even a slight sense of improved satisfaction back in life. You are not trying to replace the loss, but to learn how to live with it and find additional meaning in life.

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