discover yourself through breathing

Anxiety Tip: Basic Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises are a key skill for coping with any kind of dysregulation. Slowing the pace of your breath down allows you to consciously influence the state of your nervous system to bring your levels of stress down (or up) …
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Seeing Life & Relationships Clearly

The process of psychotherapy and counselling involves addressing lots of different areas of a person’s functioning, such as physiological arousal (stress levels), movement and senses, attachment, emotion, and cognition. Throughout evolution, our brains have developed both primitive and advanced information …
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Relationship Communication Skills

In my work with couples who are experiencing marriage and relationship challenges I have found that certain relationship communication skills and knowledge about how to better communicate and relate to one another have been very helpful for building a healthier …
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journey ahead

Psychotherapy Approaches

Psychotherapy approaches can vary among therapists. Traditional therapy (talk therapy) tends to focus on just verbal and explicit memory systems, and leaves the experiential memory systems on the sidelines. However, talk therapy is also a part of the psychotherapy process …
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How to Manage Your Mind

In my experience as a Registered Clinical Counsellor here in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, clients have found it helpful to learn about some how the brain and mind work so as to better manage the mind. The brain is made …
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