Counselling & Therapy for Men

What would it be like to be able to understand and manage anger better, to learn how to relate in a healthy and more authentic way with the people you care about? The elephant in the room for many men …
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Choosing The Best EMDR Therapist

Choosing the best therapist for EMDR therapy can be a daunting task. All too often Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is carried out in a technical vacuum without complementing the process with other clinical resources, and with a …
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Psychotherapy And Counselling Domains

The process of psychotherapy and counselling involves addressing multiple domains of functioning – physiological arousal (stress levels), movement and senses, attachment, emotion, and cognition. Throughout evolution our brains have developed both primitive and advanced information processing systems that have different …
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Human Mind And Behavior Psychology

This sheds light on understanding the human subconscious or representational mind, and behavior psychology. In my experience as a Registered Clinical Counsellor here in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, I have found it helpful to give some psychoeducation to clients about …
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puzzeled memory infographic

Why EMDR Therapy Works

EMDR therapy works because it particularly targets the subconsciousness. Subconscious memory – also called “implicit memory” is the key to effective change in psychotherapy. If this is not modified the root cause will usually not be dealt with. Allow me …
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