Psychotherapy And Counselling Domains

The process of psychotherapy and counselling involves addressing multiple domains of functioning – physiological arousal (stress levels), movement and senses, attachment, emotion, and cognition. Throughout evolution our brains have developed both primitive and advanced information processing systems that have different …
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About Online Psychotherapy

It is useful to know about online psychotherapy especially when there are many types of psychotherapies, and each separate type of therapy targets one type of system or area of functioning of a person. In BC (and Canada), online counselling …
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Human Mind And Behavior Psychology

This sheds light on understanding the human subconscious or representational mind, and behavior psychology. In my experience as a Registered Clinical Counsellor here in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, I have found it helpful to give some psychoeducation to clients about …
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Why EMDR Therapy Works

EMDR therapy works because it particularly targets the subconsciousness. Subconscious memory – also called “implicit memory” is the key to effective change in psychotherapy. If this is not modified the root cause will usually not be dealt with. Allow me …
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